Jacob Tardien trained initially as a pianist before moving into composition. He studied musical analysis, harmony, composition and orchestration with Karim Haddad (IRCAM), Isabelle Duha (CNSMDP, ENS), Olivier Kaspar (CNSMDL) and Steven Scott Smailey (orchestrator for Danny Elfman, workshop Film Center, New York).

In 2002, he founded the independent music production collective Zerowatt . This fertile environment fed his collaborations with such eclectic musicians as Sandra N’Kake, Hugh Coltman and Gerald Toto (Nouvelle Vague). These partnerships gave rise to two albums and allowed him to deepen the connection in his work between written music and live creation.

In 2010 together with Bertrand Défossé he created the Reload Music project, which offers a fresh experience of classical movies by reinventing the scores.

Jacob Tardien’s interest in the interplay between music and image has led him to compose music for short films, and he has worked with directors such as Mikaël Buch, Antoine Lebos, Akihiro Hata and Roland Sourau.

In 2011, the international concert artist Cyprien Katzaris recorded one of his pieces for piano under the label Piano 21.