Hey yu

A delightful lockdown-themed short by Vancouver-based writer and director Athena Han .

"Hey Yú" follows a man named Kent who attempts to juggle a phone call from his parents with a deadline for a Zoom call, all while noticing something strange going.

Release date : September 2021
Directed by : Athena Han
Lead : Jian Ping Su / 宿建平
Mother voice : Michelle Chen / 陳慧麗
Father voice : David Shen / 沈又莘
Coworker Voices : Michelle Kee / 紀愛玉, Patrick Shaw, Clément Llobet, Katie Ryder, Julia Farry
Cinematographer : Christian Lai / 黎欣健
Camera Operator : Titouan Fournier
LX/Grip : Slatie Chu / 舒德
Sound Recordist : Alex Shamku
Production Designer : Yuezhang Qin / 秦樂章
Art Director : Shengyuan Meng / 孟聖源
Hair & Makeup Artist : Kaeko Fujiyama / 香絵子
Music : Jacob Tardien
Final Sound Mix : Emmy Sainz
Visual Effects Supervisor : Camil Adell